Saturday, 11 December 2021

Professional Mode for Facebook Profiles: What is it and How to Use it?

Professional Mode for Facebook Profiles: What is it and How to Use it?: WikiAskMe
Professional Mode for Facebook Profiles: What is it and How to Use it?: WikiAskMe

Facebook profiles have received a new update. Meta has introduced Professional Mode for Facebook profiles.

It means that now you can convert your Facebook personal profile to a professional profile.

It will change the design and add some more features that we will discuss today.

Let's start with the first question.

What is Facebook Professional Mode for Profiles?

Professional Mode for Facebook profiles is a new feature that allows Facebook users to convert their profiles into professional profiles.

Not only that, but Facebook's new professional mode for Profiles enables users to monetize their Reels.
The monetization feature and professional design of Facebook profiles look pretty similar to what we see on Facebook pages.

In other words, your Facebook profile will start looking like a Facebook page, where people can follow you but cannot send you a friend request.

Who can access Professional Mode for Facebook?

Facebook's professional mode for Profiles is only available for a limited number of users in the USA.

If the company finds it valuable, then this new feature will be rolled out to the rest of the world in the coming months.

Make Money on Facebook with Reel Play Bonus Program:

Now eligible creators on Facebook can monetize their Reels.

But to monetize Reels on Facebook, you must have qualified reels and have an invitation to join the Reel Play Bonus Program.

If you do not have the invitation, you need to sign up and wait for access.

Facebook is adding more features of Facebook Reels, such as;

  • Compose more than one clip in a single Reel.
  • Increased Reels length to 60 seconds.
  • Save Reels to Draft.

Facebook is also offering page-like features on Facebook profiles.

You will get the look and feel of a Facebook page when you turn Facebook Professional mode for Profile.

People can see your public posts and follow you if they want to.

You can also change the privacy of all the posts or each post.

Right now, only Facebook users in the USA can access this feature.

Features for Facebook Pages:

Facebook Updates to the new Pages experience: WikiAskMe

Meta is making a lot of updates to improve the usability of Facebook pages.

The new professional dashboard is one of the essential updates for Facebook pages.

Facebook page admins can now check their dashboard's post-engagement metrics and follower count.

The new Post Composer feature allows Page admins to schedule posts.


Facebook or Meta, whatever you can call them, are making a lot of new updates and changes to make sure that people spend more time on Facebook and stay engaged with the most extensive social media network.

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