Sunday, 12 December 2021

Facebook Meta AI Removing Harmful Content

Facebook has introduced AI technology that will help the brand hunt down harmful content.

This Artificial Intelligence technology of Facebook uses few-shot learning to decrease time to detect harmful content from months to days.

What is Facebook’s Few-Shot Learning?

Facebook Meta AI Removing Harmful Content: WikiAskme
Facebook Meta AI Removing Harmful Content: WikiAskme

Few-shot learning is related to machine learning. It is the method to teach machines how to learn general instructions to enrich their performance.

Few-shot learning help machine solves unseen tasks. For Facebook, this task is to identify harmful content.

The new AI technology for Facebook is quickly identifying harmful content.

Facebook now identifies 100 languages and even hunts down text or images.

It is an addition to existing harmful content-removing technologies running on Facebook.

New Facebook AI Live:

Facebook Ai is already live on the Facebook platform. Facebook has tested this AI to identify COVID19 information.

It easily hunts and removes violent content.

According to Facebook, new technology is helping to remove hate speech from Facebook.

Entailment Few-Shot Learning:

Facebook has named new technology Entailment Few-Shot Learning. It is better than the other few shot technologies as it outperforms them by 55%.

Facebook Wants Humanlike AI Technology:

Facebook has made it clear that they are trying to build humans like AI technology to improve efficiency and flexibility.

At this time, technology is in the beginning stage. Before Facebook finally launches a fully functional Humalike artificial intelligence to eliminate harmful content from its platform, it will take some time.


Facebook is working toward fully functional Ai technology that can think and analyze like a human but offer 100times better results.

You may have seen such technologies in Sci-fi movies, but Facebook is working in the direction to make it possible.

Stay tuned to know more about this technology and what will happen in the coming days or months.

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