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Local Link: What is it? How to Build More Local Links?

Backlinks or Link Building is one of the most effective local SEO strategies. However, it takes work to build links or earn backlinks.

Link building has been impacting rankings and SEO strategies for a long time. Whether running an eCommerce shop or a restaurant business, you always need natural links to improve your website's organic ranking.

Finding local link-building opportunities is the real challenge.

Today, I am covering everything that will help you find link-building opportunities for local SEO with link-building outreach and tools.

But first, understand a local link.

What is the Local Link?

Local Link: What is it? How to Build More Local Links?: Wikiaskme
Local Link: What is it? How to Build More Local Links?: Wikiaskme

Link building is building links for your website or web pages. You need more links for your website.

It is not easy for small businesses to earn backlinks as no one is interested in linking to a new website or blog.

When trying to build links for a new or small business website, focus on the relevance rather than the quantity.

High-quality local links display that others trust your local business or services.

Local SEO experts are using the following strategies to build local links:

  • Citation lists
  • Local content creation
  • Adding NAP information
  • Backlinks from local sites

These strategies are in work to ensure that your business is targeting local keywords in Google search and Google business profiles.

During local link building, you should focus on the following:

  1. Build links for important pages such as the location or contact us pages.
  2. Add Call-to-Action to your webpage.

Don't worry about the DA/PA of the local website. All you need to care about is the relevance.

Sometimes, earning links from a local website is more effective than from a site like The New York Times, Forbes, Tech Crunch, and HuffPost.

But you should still pay attention to links from high authority sites. You need to understand the business you are promoting in the local area.

Start from the local level and then target the big sites.

Target your local audience when building links. It is only valuable if you are doing business in New York but getting traffic from London.

Build Citation links:

Building citation links from niche directories, general directories and location directories, can be helpful.

Citation sites allow you to add your website link with other important links and business information. People searching for local businesses can find these links and land on your website.

Popular Citation Building Services are:

  • BrightLocal
  • Moz Local
  • Whitespark
  • Yext

You can use these and many other citation sites to build links.

During the citation link-building process, focus on niche directories rather than general directories.

Local link-building for small businesses should be creative to get better results.

If you target hyperlocal keywords, you can start with low-authority websites.

Here are other local opportunities to earn local links:

  • Local Bloggers.
  • Local media outlets and newspapers.
  • Local websites.
  • Local business listings.
  • Local event pages.
  • Local groups and organizations.

Understand the radius where your business can serve the customers. Be creative and build local links with Target to reach people seeking services in that area.

How to Find Local Link Opportunities to Build Local Links?

Use the following SEO tools to find local link-building opportunities:

  • Majestic SEO
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMRush

You can use one or multiple tools to find link-building opportunities.

When building links, understand the local market and competition.

List the keywords or terms important for your business, then find the competition sites that get maximum traffic.

Compare your link profile with your competitor to find the sites where your competitor gets links, but you need more.

How to Find More Local Link Building Opportunities?

Besides building links like your competitors, you should take the next step and start getting published in local newspapers and magazines.

Target local press releases to build links. Find local writers and influencers that can expand the reach of your local business.

Target review sites to earn positive reviews and links for your business website.

When analyzing your competitor's website, you will find some unrelated links. But that is fine.


Focus on local websites, influencers, news websites, and directories to earn local links for your website.

If you are new to SEO, hire a Local SEO agency or professional to help you build local links. Make sure that you are earning relevant links from trusted resources. It will improve your website rankings.

If you still have any question, feel free to ask me via comments.

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