Sunday 5 December 2021

Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging like Problogger

Do you want to make money online?
You are a blogger who wants to boost his earning?
If yes, you should know that you will not be able to make money or stand with the average money-making bloggers.
You cannot make money as a professional blogger. May you never reach the top-level bloggers?
You may ask WHY?
Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging like Problogger: WikiAskMe
Why You Can`t Make Money Blogging like Problogger: WikiAskMe
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Earning reports of professional bloggers and a list of pro bloggers are the most common online content that you quickly find on the internet.
Where some content gives real inspiration, the other brings fake hope. But never doubted these reports as I have earned great inspiration from them.
But the issue is that many bloggers go in the wrong direction.
The most common thing that most bloggers ignore is the mindset and attitude required to be successful in blogging.
It has been proved that more than 80% of pro bloggers do not make much even no matter what they write or share.
The problem behind their less earning is that they do not have the attitude and mindset of a professional blogger.
Reasons Why you can't make money Blogging like pro bloggers:
Today I will talk about the undeniable reasons why a blogger cannot make money blogging like professional bloggers such as John Chow, Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn etc.


This is one of the biggest reasons you are notable for making money blogging.
You are trying too hard.
You may have seen many bloggers talking in blogs and internet forums that their money-making goal is to make $1000 or $10000 every day.
The problem here is that they are too focused on their goal, which causes the loss of enthusiasm, bringing failure to your doorstep.
Understand that there is a process that helps you to reach your goal.
The problem with most bloggers is that they ignore the process and try to jump for results.
Also, Understanding the process is as important as your goal.
The process is a path that decides whether you will reach your goal successfully or not.
You should understand that your focus should be on making your blog successful, not just making money.
Remember, the more successful your blog be, the more money you can make.

Make Money Overnight:

I know that you also want to make money, and that is why you work or even play the lottery.
But if you think that you can make money overnight, my suggestion is to think again.
You can not make money overnight, and that is the ugly truth.
You may have seen ads like "XYZ compny is assuring overnight success."
But believe me, it takes so much effort and time to succeed.
Suppose you calculate the average earning of a professional blogger, then you will find that they are earning $5000/month, and you will also know that they have not achieved success overnight.
They worked and worked hard to create their own success story. So your story cannot be different than theirs.


Discipline is the key feature of the life of a successful person.
Lack of discipline is the biggest reason why most bloggers cannot make money blogging.
Even if you plan well, set goals and priorities, you may fail if your life is not disciplined.
Without discipline, you cannot execute any plan successfully.
I have seen bloggers moving from one monetization scheme to another and even changing their niche, but nothing will help until your life is not disciplined.
A blogger must set priorities and focus.
Choose a learn blogging online course and focus on it.
Most bloggers ignore this and start 10s of blogs where they need to learn how to focus on even a single blog.
Don't make these blogging mistakes.


Bloggers usually fantasize and dream about becoming pro bloggers, but few of them become successful.
They spend time reading income reports than focusing on writing valuable articles. They do not do hard work to write guest posts.
If you are too busy even, you are a lazy person.
I have met many bloggers who claim that they are swamped the whole time on the internet, but actually, I found out that they are busy doing non-productive work.
If you want to become a professional blogger, your focus should be on writing pillar articles, gust posting and engaging readers.

No Money or Wrong Spending:

This is one of the most common and significant issues found in many bloggers.
They want to make money blogging, but they do not want to invest money, and sometimes even if they want to invest money, they invest it into buying wrong kinds of themes or in useless promotional methods.
No such software can guarantee you to be a professional blogger until you invest your time and money.
Be an entrepreneur when spending money.
Always focus on what brings more success to your blog and always be open to investing.

A great saying is, "Money attracts Money."

You are not a pro blogger:

You become what you think you are. This also applies when it comes to blogging. If you have the mindset of a pro blogger only, you can behave like a ProBlogger.
So if you can not see yourself as a professional blogger, you can't be a pro blogger no matter what you do.

Final Words:

If you are a blogger, you should focus on the above tips and start analyzing where you are lacking. There must be a reason why you can't make money like a ProBlogger. Take steps and fix the issues, and you will be on the top.
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