Saturday 9 June 2018

9 Blog Post Topics Your Clients Really Want You to Write

9 Strategic Freelancing Blog Post Topics Your Clients Really Want You to Write: WikiAskMe

Why do you #blog? Why does anyone blog? Why should a freelancer blog?

This week I’ve curated a lot of links for my mailing list focused on #blogging from a variety of perspectives. I think a lot of people consider blogging to boost their #freelancing or small business but then don’t really know why to write or why.

What sorts of blog post topics would a business or service provider write? You want to get new clients and show them how much you know, right? But how do you get them to notice you in the first place?

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Well, you need know exactly who your ideal client is, and then you need to write about what they want to know. Then somehow you have to rein that idea in to cover just the things you know a lot about and that actually help you prove your value and sell your services.

9 Strategic Freelancing Blog Post Topics Your Clients Really Want You to Write

For instance, a wedding photographer might write about wedding tips that brides want to know. But, to narrow things down, they might focus on answers to questions brides have for photographers, such as great locations for photo shoots, the best times of day for each type of photo, the full list of photos brides often ask for, ideal props for getting the guests to look good in photos, what sort of lighting is best for the reception, what makeup looks best in photos, etc. You get the idea.

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By writing blog posts like this, the photographer has pre-answered all sorts of questions their ideal clients might have, plus given them valuable advice about aspects of their planning they might not have ever thought about before.

Don’t forget, the business with the blog like this also comes over as more approachable, more knowledgeable and definitely more memorable than their competition. Who are the clients going to hire?

Now, let’s translate that to the sorts of freelance services and small businesses many people run online: writers, designers, virtual assistants, social media managers, developers. What can you write about?
  • What sorts of tools are best for project managers to communicate with their remote employees?
  • Expanding on that, how often should a client of your industry expect to contact you and when is this possible?
  • Talk about the scope of a typical project you cover for clients.
  • What should a client of your industry expect from someone in your position?
  • What should a prospective client find out about every single candidate from your service industry before they hire?
  • What is the full list of services someone in your industry could potentially offer?
  • What should your clients prepare to make it really easy to work well with you?
  • What else might your client be thinking of doing that might not work well with your services (and what can they do better)?
  • How do you add a little something extra to make your work stand out from the crowd?
I’m sure you can rotate through this list with a slightly different topic every time and manage to answer all sorts of questions for your clients in advance. If you’re really good, you’ll find a way to work these answers into related blog posts you might write on other blogs too.