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10 Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins

10 Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins: Wikiaskme
10 Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins: Wikiaskme

WordPress image optimization plugins make it easy to optimize every single image on your WordPress blog or website.

The reason why Image optimization plugins for WordPress are popular is that they automate the image optimization process.

You can use any image optimizer plugin to optimize bulk images, compress images, or SEO optimization.

If you have a blog or website on WordPress and use many images in your blog posts, you should use Image optimization plugins to decrease the image size and increase the speed of your website.

10 Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins:

To make sure that you choose the best Image optimizer for WordPress, I am sharing the list.

EWWW Image Optimizer:

EWWW image optimizer plugin for WordPress not only optimizes images but also boosts SEO, decreases load time, and improves bounce rate.

EWWW image optimizer is installed on more than 900,000+ websites or blogs.

Benefits of EWWW image optimizer:

  • Unlimited file size.
  • No speed limits.
  • Support JPG, PNG, PDF, WebP, Gif, etc.
  • SSL encryption.
  • Free Backup.


Imagify is a WordPress image optimization plugin that you can optimize images and convert them to Webp format.

A popular WordPress plugin for image optimization supports NextGen and WooCommerce.

Imagify has 500,000+ active installations.

Benefits of Imagify Plugin:

  • Lossless Image compression.
  • Automatic compression.
  • Easy backup.
  • Bulk image optimization.
  • Support different image formats.


Imsanity is another popular image optimizer plugin for WordPress that you can use to resize images when uploading automatically.

You can also use it for bulk image optimization or individual image optimization.

Imsanity has 300,000+ active installations.

Benefits of Imsanity:

  • Automatically compress large images.
  • Bulk image optimizer.
  • Optimize PNG, JPG, and BMP images.
  • Build its image scaling feature.


Optimole is an image optimization plugin with a lazy load feature.

You can use optimole to optimize images and speed up your website.

Optimole is installed on 80,000+ websites.

Benefits of Optimole Plugin:

  • Format-based optimization.
  • Cloud library support.
  • Retina support.
  • Smart cropping.
  • Free CDN.


Optimus is a free WordPress Image optimizer that you can reduce image size up to 70%.

It is installed on 60,000+ WordPress sites.

Benefits of Optimus:

  • Bulk image optimization.
  • Progressive JPEGs.
  • Reduce image size during upload.
  • Support Woocommerce.
  • Multisite support. is a free image optimization plugin that you can also use for image compression.

You can compress Gig, PNG, and JPG. installed on 200,000+ sites.

Benefits of

  • Free image optimization plugin.
  • Bulk image optimization.
  • Backup.
  • Optimize images at the time of upload.
  • ShortPixel Image Optimizer: up to 5 MB size.
  • Support PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, and JPG.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer:

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a freemium WordPress plugin for image compression.

It is installed on 300,000+ WordPress sites.

Benefits of ShortPixel Image Optimizer:

  • Compress GIF, PNG, and JPG.
  • Image conversion.
  • Support AVIF and WebP.
  • Support Retina Images.
  • GDPR complaint.


Smush is another WordPress image optimization plugin with a lazy load feature.

It is a 100% free image optimization plugin.

Smush is active on 1+ million websites.

Benefits of Smush:

  • Award-winning image optimizer.
  • Lossless compression.
  • Lazy load.
  • Bulk smush.
  • Incorrect image size detection.
  • Automatic optimization.
  • Multisite compatible.
  • Convert images to WebP.


TinyPNG is an image compression WordPress plugin.

You can use TinyPng to optimize Webp, PNG, and JPEG images.

TinyPNG is active on 200,000+ websites.

Benefits of TinyPNG:

  • Automatic image compression.
  • Background optimization.
  • Individual image optimization.
  • WPML compatible.
  • WP retina 2x compatible.
  • Woocommerce compatible.
  • No size limit.
  • Convert CMYK to RGB.

WP Compress:

WP Compress is an all-in-one image optimization plugin. You can use it as an image optimizer.

WP Compress is active on 6,000+ websites.

Benefits of WP Compress:

  • Detailed reporting.
  • Bulk site linking.
  • Remote configuration.
  • Centralized management portal.
  • Retina support.


These are the best quality image optimization plugins for WordPress. Choose wisely.

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