Friday 9 December 2016

AdNow review : Make Money with Native Ads

When it comes to make money online or make money blogging, most of the people only stick with Adsense and never try anything else. But it is always good that you should try every possible way to make money online.

Why you stick with just one when there are so many more ways to make money blogging.

Today I am going to share about a Native Ad company which helps you to make money by showing recommendations on your site or blog. This company is Adnow and I am going to share a detailed Adnow review.

First let me help you understand what Native Ads is:

AdNow review : Make Money with Native Ads : WikiAskme
AdNow review : Make Money with Native Ads : WikiAskme
Native ads are the content recommendation ads that you may have seen on very popular sites. Native ads are the best as it make visitor to choose their own interesting ad. These ads grab much more attention than your normal banner ad.

Here is the screenshot of native ads

What is AdNow : Native ad network

Adnow is one of the popular native ads network or you can say content recommendation platform. You can add Adnow Widget to show ads on your blog or website. It is also one of the premium native ad network with over 150,000 publishers.
AdNow review : Make Money with Native Ads : WikiAskme
AdNow review : Make Money with Native Ads : WikiAskme
When you register on this network you will get a dedicated account manager to help you monetize content with native ads in better way. You just need to add a verification code in your blog to verify your ownership. There is no limit on how many websites you can ad on Adnow Native ad network.

You just need to add their The JavaScript code which is compatible with other ad networks also. It is safe and also gives you 5% of referral commission.

Adnow was established in 2014, for both advertisers and publishers. Where advertisers can advertise their content through Native ads, publishers can make money by showing those native ads.

Features of Adnow Native ad Network
  •     Easy Acceptance
  •     Good CPM Rates
  •     Good CTR rates.
  •     Very Low Withdrawal Threshold limit

Adnow a Creative Native Ad network:

Adnow is a creative native ad network. Native ads are growing as the biggest trends in advertising networks. You may already know that people are well aware about click me type or banner ads and that is why they ignore such type of ads and do not lick on them.

You may ask yourself how many ads you have clicked on various site in last 7 days. May be none or one.

Demand of native ads is multiplying every year. There are ads like digital chameleon means ads real nicely hidden as content recommendation and thus gives you real high CTR.

These type of ads are known as related or content recommendation ads. The best thing about these is that they blend with the theme and content of your blog and make the reader feel another peaceof useful content.

Here I say Adnow is really creative when it comes to do this.

Adnow review: A real native ad network

I am using Adnow native ads on some of my blogs. So with my experience I know how good they are.

Some interesting Facts about adnow native ad network:
  1. Fact:-  over 190,000 websites.
  2. Fact:-  over 900Million monthly users.
  3. Fact:-  over 4.2Billion Impressions per month.
So you know now that Adnow is a really well established native ad network.

Is Adnow native ads are of start-up also?

You may have this question because some ad networks have ego problem and they only accept sites with millions of visitors every month. But don`t worry, adnow is not like them.

Adnow welcomes every good site even it`s new on it`s network warm heartily.

Is Adnow safe to use with other ad networks such as Adsense?

Yes, Adnow is completely safe ad it`s code never conflict with the codes of any other ad network such as adsense. So if you are not getting good CPM and CTR from Adsense than you should go fo Adnow ad network also.

You can use it`s native ad widget with any other ad network.

What is the Ad Formats of Adnow native advertising network?

Adnow already knows that one ad format may not be good for every website. So they offer various type of ad formats. There is no doubt that if one ad format is best for one publisher it can be complete useless for the other publisher.

There are 3 major types of ad-formats Adnow offers:

  • Sidebars
  • In-content
  • End-content

Can I customize Adnow native ad widget?

AdNow review : Make Money with Native Ads : WikiAskme

Yes, Adnow allows you to easily customize native ad widget real easily. You can choose type of ads, text and elements.

Do Adnow offer Multi Language Support?

AdNow review : Make Money with Native Ads : WikiAskme
Yes, Adnow also supports all the major languages without any problem. No matter your site is in English or not.

What are the Adnow payment terms?

We all work for money. if you can`t get paid on time there is no use of using that ad network. That is where I like Adnow very much.

They have really simple payment terms:

Their minimum threshold payment balance is $20.
They also have net-7 payment system. Means you can start getting payment from the 7th day of your joining.

They make payment via two super easy methods
  • Paypal
  • WireTransfer
Well more than 95% online money makers have PayPal so it is really good.

Quality of Native ads:

All sites are moderated by a real human before accepting to make sure there will not be any kind of unethical ads.


You know thatThere is no doubt that Adnow is one of the best native ad network, but you might not believe me. So i let you to signup Adnow ad network as publisher and find out that I am not wrong.